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Immunizations are beneficial to the health and safety of all children and recommended by our entire team of providers. Pediatric Associates is proactively involved with the State of Maine Immunization Program and logs patient immunizations into the universal statewide Immpact 2 website. If you have any questions, about the recommended Immunizations listed below or about the State of Maine Immpact 2 registry, please talk to our medical assistants and providers. For online information about vaccines or individual vaccines, please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for parents. Vaccine education plays an integral part of keeping children healthy. This office provides all parents and patients with Vaccine Information Statements before administering a recommended vaccine. For More Information, please view the complete listing of Vaccine Information Statements below.

             Pediatric Associates Recommended Vaccine Schedule


Hep B #1

2 Month Well Child Visit

Pediarix #1/Hib #1/PCV#1/Rotateq

4 Month Well Child Visit

Pediarix #2/Hib #2/PCV#2/Rotateq

6 Month Well Child Visit

Pediarix #3/Hib #3/PCV#3/Rotateq

12 Month Well Child Visit

MMR#1/Varicella #1/Hep A#1

15 Month Well Child Visit

Dtap #4/PCV #4

18 Month Well Child Visit

Hib #3/Hep A #2

4 Year Well Child Visit

Kinrix, ProQuad

11-12 Year Well Child Visit

Menveo#1/Tdap#1/HPV 1,2,3

16 Year Well Child Visit


17-18 Year Well Child Visit

Tdap#2/ PPD test

                                  Vaccine Information Statements


Your Child’s First Vaccines


Hep A

Hep B

Hib Vaccine

HPV Vaccine


Serogroup B Meningococcal

MMR Vaccine

MMRV Vaccine

PCV Vaccine



Td Vaccine

Tdap Vaccine


Flu Vaccine

If you are not sure that your child is current on his/her immunizations, please contact us at 784-5782. We always have appointments available to make sure your child is best protected against vaccine preventable illnesses.