New Patient Forms

Pediatric Associates currently welcomes and accepts new patients. Whether you are a new or expectant parent, are new to the area, or changing physicians, Pediatric Associates providers are here to provide experienced infant, toddler, child, and adolescent healthcare services.

If you’re expecting the birth of a new baby, please contact our office once the child is born to schedule an appointment. A total of 5 well child visits will need to be scheduled within 6 months.

If your child is transferring to this practice because they are new to the area or you’re changing his/her physician, we suggest you contact your insurance company directly to make them aware of the change.

Pediatric Associates Providers operate through a “Care Team” approach to provide you with consistent care. This means, if your usual provider is unavailable, another provider will always be available to care for you or your family member(s) medical needs. View our Medical Home Brochure for more information. If you would like to read more about how a medical home is defined, please click here.

At your first visit you will be asked to fill out the following forms. If you would like to come prepared, we have supplied these forms on-line. You may download the forms, print them off, and fill them out to bring to your first visit.

The forms are available in .pdf format. You can download the Adobe Reader here if you are having trouble viewing the files.