Laboratory Services

Pediatric Associates has an onsite lab that is run by trained personnel who perform typical routine testing. Our in-house rapid diagnostic laboratories tests are beneficial in assisting with treatment. The faster providers are able to diagnose a patient’s ailment, the quicker they can begin treatment.

When clinically indicated, the following laboratory tests may be performed on our patients:

  •  Streptococcal Phayngitis (Strep Throat) Tests
  •  Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Tests
  •  Influenza (Flu –Type A and Type B) Tests
  •  Basic Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  •  Urinalysis (UA)
  •  Glucose

The following routine laboratory testing is completed at routine well child visits

  • Lipid – A non-HDL cholesterol test that does not require children to fast. It allows providers to screen for factors that could lead to heart attacks as adults.
  • Hemaglobin (Hgb) – A quick finger prick test that screens for iron deficiency anemia. Anemia can affect cognitive and physical development in children. Early detection helps to eliminate its adverse effects.
  • Lead Level (capillary) – A quick blood test that measures a patient’s lead exposure. Traces of lead can be present in water, paint, and soil throughout the State of Maine. Exposure to lead can adversely affect brain development in young children. The results of this testing allows providers to make timely and crucial decisions for children with suspected lead poisoning.

You can expect the following laboratory tests to be performed at these scheduled well visits.

9 month  Hgb 
12 month Lead Level
2 year Lead Level
10 year Lipid
15 year Lipid
16 year Lipid
17-18 year Lipid

For other types of laboratory testing, providers will send a requisition to the hospital or laboratory facility of your choice whenever suitable. Pediatric Associates also utilizes hospital courier services to transport specimens collected here in the office to both CMMC and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center.

Price Estimates for Out of Office Labs

St. Mary’s Laboratory Services and Hours

CMMC Laboratory Services and Hours

NorDX Laboratory Services and Hours

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us during office hours by dialing (207) 784-5782.