Lactation Counseling Services

Darcy Millett and Carlie Childs are both Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) who are available to offer guidance and resources to breastfeeding mothers. Pediatric Associates Providers fully support breastfeeding which is beneficial to both mom’s and babies. Pediatric Associates Providers also understand that there are lots of questions and sometimes challenges that mom and baby may have because each child is unique. Darcy and Carlie have personal experience and a wealth of knowledge to share with those looking for tips, advice, and solutions. Pediatric Associates Providers are always available to monitor your newborn’s progress. Lactation counseling is an extension of these pediatric Well-Child Services. Lactation Counseling is available to ensure your child(ren) is getting everything he/she needs to thrive and develop.  For more information on feeding baby, please click here.

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